Texas Propane Vehicle & Mower Incentives Expiring. Don’t miss out! Apply now!

This is your last chance to secure funding through the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) for propane white fleet vehicle purchases, propane white fleet vehicle conversions, and propane commercial mower purchases and conversions.

The Council has $40,000 left for incentives, available first-come, first-serve while it lasts.

$7,500 for a new qualifying propane vehicle purchase or vehicle converted to propane under 40,000 miles.
There is a $ 20,000-lifetime cap.

$1,000 for new propane factory-built propane mower or qualifying conversion to propane.
There is a $ 7,000-lifetime cap.

All propane conversions systems and propane vehicles must be EPA or CARB certified.

Learn more about the vehicle incentive program at https://www.propanecounciloftexas.org/vehicleincentives

Learn more about the mower incentive program at https://www.propanecounciloftexas.org/mowerincentives

While our incentive program is ending, the Propane Council of Texas will still continue with our complimentary grant consultation and grant writing services for those looking to apply for other local, state or federal grants.

Questions? Please call (800)325-7427 or email info@propanecounciloftexas.org