Texas Offers $1.4 Million in Alt Fuel Grants

In Texas, it pays to be green. The State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) is offering approximately $1.4 million in grant funding for eligible public fleets to purchase new or convert existing vehicles to alternative fuels. The deadline for applications is April 26 at 2 p.m., and funds must be spent by August 31, 2013.

Applicants must be a Texas political subdivision or a taxpayer-supported Texas Independent School district. They must also provide documented evidence of matching funds totaling at least 20% of the total project costs. Grants may cover up to 80% of the incremental costs related to the purchase of alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles and conversion of vehicles to alternative fuels.

Are you considering going greener and cleaner? Propane autogas, the most widely-used alternative fuel in the world, is not only cleaner burning and more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels, it’s also significantly less expensive. Vehicles that fuel with autogas save an average of 50% on fuel costs. Autogas is also widely available throughout the state — with more than 700 fueling stations in Texas, you’ll never be far from a fill-up.

For more information about the SECO grant and the application form, click here. For information on additional federal and state incentives, click here.