Propane Council of Texas Ups Incentives for Texas Businesses

Texas non-profit offers vehicle rebates to those upgrading to propane autogas

The Propane Council of Texas—a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of cleaner-burning,

domestically produced propane—is offering incentives to Texas businesses who upgrade their fleet vehicles to

the globally-recognized alternative fuel. The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) now offers up to a $7,500

incentive per new propane vehicle purchased or converted to propane autogas by a private fleet. This is an

increase from what was previously allowed for aftermarket conversions. The program cap is $15,000 per

private fleet. In return for the incentive(s), vehicle incentive recipients will be required to provide data on their

business fleet.

“The program provides seed money for Texas businesses who are introducing propane autogas into their fleet

for the first time,” said Jackie Mason, Education and Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas

(ProCOT). “The Council believes businesses that demo the vehicle in their fleet will clearly see the advantages

and continue to adopt propane into their fleet without any further incentives.”

Some of the benefits of propane autogas include fuel cost savings, lower harmful emissions, and reduced

vehicle maintenance due to propane’s high-octane rating. Plus, propane is an American made alternative fuel,

with two-thirds of the nation’s supply being produced right here in the Lone Star State.

Many private fleets across Texas are already fueling with propane autogas, including delivery and service

companies, shuttle services, taxis, telecommunications companies and landscapers. Since 2010, the Propane

Council of Texas has provided incentives to business fleets that have powered their vehicles with propane

autogas. Some past incentive recipients include: ARS, Admiral Linen & Uniform, Primetime Gutters, and

ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

To learn more about the many advantages of propane autogas, please visit the Propane Council of Texas’

dedicated autogas website, To find out more about the business vehicle incentive program, please visit

About the Propane Council of Texas

The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 dedicated to educating the public and the

propane industry on safety and on the newest clean-burning propane technologies. ProCOT is the state entity

that represents the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), which was authorized by the U.S. Congress

with the passage of the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) of 1996. The program is funded with

small fees from the propane industry and goes to fund several safety programs, as well as the commercialization

of new propane technology. Visit for more information.