ProCOT & Clean Cities partner to promote clean propane autogas

SAN ANTONIO, TX — The Propane Council of Texas, in partnership with the Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition, held their 4th Annual Commercial Propane Mower and Vehicle Fleet Event on Thursday, October 3, from 11:30am—1:30pm at Padre Park in San Antonio. The Propane Council of Texas’ public awareness campaign, Fueling Texas, has been touring the state to educate Texans about the benefits of operating commercial lawn equipment and fleet vehicles on propane autogas. The campaign features a series of statewide road shows providing fleet operators, drivers and community members a hands-on experience with clean autogas technology.

Those in attendance at Thursday’s public event had the opportunity to demo commercial-grade propane mowers from top manufacturers and test drive fleet trucks powered by the popular alternative fuel. The event will also highlight the benefits of powering commercial lawn mowers and vehicles with cleaner-burning propane autogas, including potential savings on both fuel and maintenance costs.

Recent Fueling Texas case studies have highlighted Texas mower fleets, including Austin-based Benchmark Landscapes, which saved 58 percent on fuel costs with propane mowers, and Dallas area EarthWorks, Inc., which has saved $41,600 on fuel costs annually with 44 propane mowers. Likewise, Taxi Cab Company of Tyler recently switched five taxis to clean propane autogas, saving $10,578 on fuel costs, while Williamson County near Austin saves an impressive $73,000 per year with 36 propane-powered vehicles.

“San Antonio is already an early adopter of propane autogas. Northside ISD has had propane autogas in their school bus fleet for over 30 years, and the National Parks have both mowers and trucks powered by propane autogas,” says Jackie Mason, Education & Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas. “This event is to showcase those already using propane autogas and to educate those new to propane autogas on the benefits of running their landscape or vehicle fleet on the greener fuel.”

Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, powering more than 21 million vehicles globally. It’s the third most-used vehicle fuel worldwide, right behind gasoline and diesel. U.S. fleets running on cleaner-burning autogas support our nation’s energy security because 98 percent of the U.S. supply is made in America. Texas propane mower and vehicle fleets, in particular, are helping to boost the local economy, as Texas is home to more than 700 propane autogas marketers and the world’s largest propane storage.

About the Propane Council of Texas
The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 dedicated to educating the public and the propane industry on safety and on the newest clean-burning propane technologies. ProCOT is the state entity that represents the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), which was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) of 1996. The program is funded with small fees from the propane industry and goes to fund several safety programs, as well as the commercialization of new propane technology. Visit for more information.