National Propane Mower Incentive Doubles

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers incentives for cleaner-burning propane commercial lawn mowers to landscapers nationwide on mowers with 32 to 72 inches in deck size. Propane commercial mowers are available from Ariens/Gravely, Big Dog, Bob-Cat, Exmark, Ferris, Husqvarna, Hustler, Kubota, John Deere, R & R Products, SCAG, Snapper Pro, Toro, Ventrac, Wright, and Zipper. Also EPA-certified  propane conversion options are available on various sized Kawasaki engines.

For a limited time, from October 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. The below incentive amounts are DOUBLED. This applies to the national propane mower incentive program only.

$1,000 for new factory-built propane mowers. This is now doubled to $2,000.
$500 for EPA certified conversion to propane. This is now doubled to $1,000.

Since the national program’s inception in 2012, more than 500 contractors have received incentive dollars in exchange for data about their usage and mower performance. Landscapers and other qualified participants can apply for the national program at And yes; you can apply for both the national incentive, and the incentive distributed by the Propane Council of Texas for the same propane commercial mower.

For more on the state mower incentive implemented by the Propane Council of Texas, please visit

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