LIMITED TIME OFFER: Boosted Propane Mower Incentive Through December 31, 2018

Through the end of the 2018-year, landscape contractors can apply for an extra $500 incentive through the National Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)’s Propane Mower Incentive Program. The extra $500 from National can be used on up to 10 qualifying propane commercial mowers.

New boosted national incentive amounts until December 31, 2018 are:
Instead of $500 for conversions, it is now $1,000 per qualifying propane commercial mower
Instead of $1,000 per OEM, it is now $1,500 per qualifying propane commercial mower

Landscapers can enter code “2018GIEPERC” on the national application form to get the additional $500 from National PERC.

This above-mentioned boost is not taking into consideration the state program, the Propane Council of Texas’ Propane Mower Incentive. If eligible Texas landscapers and parks departments apply for both programs, they could receive $1,000 mower incentive from Texas up to 7 mowers through the Propane Council of Texas Mower Incentive.

Between the national and state incentive programs, that is up to $2,500 per qualifying propane commercial mower.

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