Houston fleets switch to propane autogas to improve air quality

HOUSTON — Many Houston-area vehicle fleets are converting to clean propane autogas to help reduce pollution and contribute to cleaner air—a significant concern for Houston, which was recently listed the seventh smoggiest U.S. city by the American Lung Association.

“Houstonians care about their environment and the quality of their communities,” said Jackie Mason, Education and Marketing Director of the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT). “That’s one of the reasons why propane autogas is being widely adopted in the area. Not only is autogas a greener alternative to gasoline, it’s a responsible, affordable choice for vehicle fleets.”

Houston-area propane autogas fleets include Humble, Splendora and Conroe Independent School Districts (ISD)—as well as Houston ISD, the nation’s largest school district, which operates 112 autogas vehicles. ProCOT’s public awareness campaign, Propane Autogas: Fueling Texas, recently attended the Clean Fleet Conference hosted by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Clean Cities Coalition and Clean Vehicles programs to educate local fleets about the benefits of operating on clean, affordable autogas.

Propane autogas is widely available across Texas, with 700 autogas fuel stations statewide. There are 15 public autogas fueling stations in Houston and approximately 60 within 50 miles of the city. Fleets can also choose to install on-site fueling infrastructure at a low cost. H-GAC has announced grant funding for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as fueling infrastructure for fleets in Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, Montgomery, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston and Brazoria counties. For more information, visit www.Houston-CleanCities.org.

Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, powering more than 21 million autogas vehicles worldwide. Not only is clean-burning autogas easier on engines, resulting in reduced maintenance needs, but fleets that convert to autogas also save 30-50 percent on fuel costs. Because 98 percent of the U.S. autogas supply is made in America, autogas fleets strengthen America’s economy.

Propane Autogas: Fueling Texas is a public awareness campaign that educates Texans about the benefits of running fleet vehicles and equipment on clean-burning, domestically produced propane autogas. The campaign features a series of statewide autogas presentations and road shows to provide fleet operators, drivers and community members a hands-on experience with clean autogas technology. To find out more about propane autogas, visit FuelingTexas.com.

About the Propane Council of Texas

The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 dedicated to educating the public and the propane industry on safety and on the newest clean-burning propane technologies. ProCOT is the state entity that represents the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), which was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) of 1996. The program is funded with check-off funds from the propane industry and goes to fund several safety programs, as well as the commercialization of new propane technology. Visit www.procot.org for more information.

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