Clean Up Your Vehicle Fleet with this New Years Resolution

If you’re looking for a great way to start the new year with a clean fuel for your vehicle fleet, look no further than propane autogas. Switching your vehicles, buses or commercial lawn care equipment to propane will lower your fuel costs and reduce your emissions while using a fuel that’s made right here in Texas—not overseas.

While most people think of propane as a fuel for your home and barbecue, it’s also an ideal fuel for public and private fleet vehicles. When used as a transportation fuel, propane is called propane autogas. It is the most popular fuel in the world behind gasoline and diesel, but it burns much cleaner than those conventional fuels. Autogas vehicles significantly reduce harmful emissions and greenhouse gases.

Furthermore, two thirds of our nation’s propane supply is produced right here in Texas. Choosing propane strengthens both the nation’s and our state’s economy — and promotes U.S. energy independence.

“It’s no surprise that so many fleets are switching to propane autogas,” says Jackie Mason, Education and Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas. “They’re saving a lot of money because it’s a much more affordable fuel, and they’re supporting our efforts to clean up the environment at the same time.”

Vehicle fleets across Texas are switching to autogas. From school buses to pickup trucks and commercial mowers, there are many factory-direct and aftermarket conversion options. Texas fleets using propane autogas include the delivery and service companies, shuttles, taxis, school districts, as well as state and local governments.

So, make 2014 the year for your vehicle fleet to save money, go green and use domestically produced fuel! When you switch to autogas, keeping that resolution will be easy.