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  • Greenlungs

    Propane Helps Create Greener Schools & Cleaner Air

    Council highlights Propane School Buses on Earth Day

    Over 840 school districts across the United States
    transporting nearly one million school children each school day have upgraded
    to greener propane-powered school buses. 
    Texas is number one in propane school bus adoption with over 3,000
    propane school buses operating in the Lone Star State, paving the way to
    cleaner communities and schools.

    New propane school buses can produce up to 90%
    fewer nitrous oxides (NOx) than a clean diesel school bus. Why is this
    important? NOx is a significant contributor to ground level ozone, and
    according to the American Lung Association, NOx is likely to be a cause of
    asthma in children, can trigger an increase in asthma attacks and affect a host
    of other harmful effects on the lungs.

    For decades, propane school buses have been a trusted
    greener alternative for school transportation. Quieter and cleaner, propane
    provides an excellent solution for schools and our children’s health.

    Not only that, but propane school buses have the
    lowest total cost of ownership with its reduced maintenance compared to diesel
    buses. That means more money for other vital things like computers, books,
    classroom supplies and teachers.

    In addition to the lower total cost of ownership,
    the cost to upgrade from diesel to a new propane school bus is shrinking. To
    help school districts with the upgrade cost, there are several alternative fuel
    grants available for parts of Texas from a multitude of sources including from
    the state of Texas as well as federally.

    Cleaner air, greener schools, and cost-saving to
    school districts, propane can do that.

    To find out more about propane-powered school
    buses and funding that may be available to your school district, visit

    About the Propane
    Council of Texas

    The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) is a
    non-profit 501 (c) 3 dedicated to educating the public and the propane industry
    on safety and on the newest clean-burning propane technologies. ProCOT is the
    state entity that represents the Propane Education & Research Council
    (PERC), which was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the
    Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) of 1996.

  • Carkeyscash

    Act Fast! Propane Grants Expiring Soon

    The state of Texas and other organizations have NON-COMPETITIVE grants for propane (LPG) vehicles, trucks and buses. These grant programs’ deadlines are quickly approaching. The deadline to get all paperwork in for the state programs is May 31, 2019. Interested parties should not wait. Funding is first come, first serve and could run out or be swept before the deadline. We might not get an opportunity like this until closer to 2020 if funds are approved by the Texas Legislature.

    The first program is the Light Duty Vehicle Incentive Program. This program is the most flexible of all the state programs.

    Light Duty Vehicle Incentive Program Highlights

    • $5,000 per propane vehicle
    • No region restrictions. Program is
    • No replacement is required.
    • Purchase of new propane vehicle (dedicated
      or bi-fuel) required.
    • Vehicle must be under 10,000 lbs.
    • If converted, must be done within first 500
    • LPG vehicle or LPG conversion must be on
      state’s list, click

    The second program and the one with the largest incentive is the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program where propane is an eligible fuel for the program.

    Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program Highlights

    • You must be in one of 80+ counties, click
      to view eligibility map.
    • Old vehicle you are replacing must be MY
      2007 or older.
    • Old vehicle you are replacing must have run
      on either gasoline or diesel.
    • There cannot be a lapse in the old vehicle
      registration more than 30 days in 2 years.
    • New vehicle must be a dedicated propane
      vehicle (mono fuel)
    • Grant amounts range from over $1,000 –
      $100,000 per vehicle
    • The older the vehicle, the higher the GVWR,
      the bigger the payout.
    • GVWR 8,501lbs – 33,000 lbs.
    • GVWR must be like for like
    • Replacement and destruction of the old
      vehicle is required.

    Have a vehicle over 10,000 lbs. you want to purchase, but do not have a vehicle to replace? The last program open at this time is not from the state it is from us, the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) and could help you. The Council has a fleet incentive program open to select fleets.

    ProCOT Propane Vehicle Incentive Program Highlights

    • $7,500 per eligible propane vehicle that will be operated in Texas
    • $20,000 lifetime cap per fleet
    • Eligible entities include government, local government & non-propane business fleets
    • No region restrictions. Program is statewide.
    • No replacement required.
    • No GVWR restrictions.
    • For new propane vehicle purchases or conversions under 40,000 miles
    • Dedicated and bi-fuel both eligible
    • Vehicle and conversion kits must be EPA or CARB certified

    If you believe you qualify for one or more of these programs, please reach out to the staff at the Propane Council of Texas at or at (800)325-7427. We provide complimentary grant writing services to eligible entities in Texas seeking propane vehicle grants.