School Buses

There are nearly 3,000 propane-powered buses operated across Texas.
There is over 15,000 propane-powered school buses operated by more than 830 school districts transporting over 850,000 students a day in the U.S.
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Cut Down Costs with

Commercial Mowers

More than 17 million gallons of fuel, mostly gasoline, are spilled each year while fueling lawn equipment. Propane autogas' closed-loop fueling system reduces the amount of lost fuel — and lost dollars.
There are more than 12 major manufacturers that offer propane-powered commercial mowers including for turfgrass, and both statewide and national incentives are available.
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Propane Autogas

Fueling Texas

Propane autogas is an ideal fuel for vehicle fleets, as well as a range of off-road equipment like commercial mowers. Fleets choose propane because it is:
  • American & Texas-made
  • Cleaner-burning
  • Cost effective
  • Safe & reliable
  • Widely available
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An Array of Options

Truck, Vans, & Shuttles

There is a multitude of propane fleet vehicle options available directly from Ford and GM. Bus manufacturers also offer a large array of aftermarket conversion kits, ranging from 4.6L to 8.0L engines, and including trucks, vans, chassis and cars.
Local governments, school districts, airports, taxis, and delivery and service companies are all experiencing the benefits of upgrading with propane.
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Law Enforcement

Across the nation, first responder and law enforcement fleets are turning to propane autogas…increasing their vehicles engine life, saving tax payers’ dollars with reduced fuel costs, and creating cleaner environment for their community with a greener, domestic fuel.
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Propane Autogas

Easy Refueling

Vehicle fleets that use propane autogas can save on fuel costs compared to gasoline or diesel.
Fleets can fill up at one of over 700 fueling stations across the Lone Star State. Fleets can also choose also install their own on-site fueling station at an affordable cost compared to other alternative fuels.
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Autogas for Fleets

Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world. In fact, it’s the most common vehicle fuel after gasoline and diesel. But it is much more affordable than those conventional fuels, and much cleaner.

Autogas is perfectly suited for fleets, because autogas fueling stations are inexpensive and can easily be installed at fleet home bases. Autogas fleets save big on fuel costs while reducing their emissions.

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