Propane Autogas for School Buses

Propane Autogas for School Buses

About Propane Buses

Propane autogas-fueled school buses are a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline or diesel buses. Propane autogas, the world’s most popular alternative fuel, is clean, domestically produced and affordable.

More than 15,000 that carry 850,000 students each day. Of those 15,000, 2,870 buses are operating in Texas.

School districts can choose from a selection of Type A and Type C propane autogas-fueled buses developed by industry-leading manufacturers, including Blue Bird, Collins, Thomas, and now IC.

Propane School Buses

Propane buses provide a safe and smooth ride, with reduced harmful emissions and no black smoke. Buses fueled with propane autogas are crash tested for impact in the side and rear areas, meeting rigorous U.S. FMVSS motor vehicle safety standards.The propane fuel tank is made of 1/4 inch thick carbon steel — making it 20X more puncture resistant than a gasoline tank. Propane autogas engines are 50 percent quieter than diesel engines

Even when diesel prices are low, a bus’ additional costs — like fuel, fluids, filters, and repairs — can drain your budget. Over a bus’ lifetime, propane autogas is healthier for every line of the budget sheet. Download the NAPT reduced maintenance whitepaper

Hear from districts on how they have saved on maintenance, click here.


Studies show that propane school buses have up to 90% lower NOx when compared to clean diesel school buses.

The World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency have identified diesel engine exhaust as a carcinogen, which can cause adverse short- and long-term health effects. With the emergence of alternative fuels like propane autogas, however, the days of exposing our children to a black cloud of diesel exhaust are over. Additionally, propane buses are not subject to anti-idling restrictions due to their low-emissions status.

Even with the new “clean” diesel buses, new propane school buses can reduce NOx up to 75% over new clean diesel bus.

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